Over the past 30 years, Philippine Realty and Holdings Corporation (PhilRealty) has shaped the high-end boutique category of real estate in the Philippines creating best-of-class, luxury projects that embody spacious uncompromised living within intimate communities.

A key player during the height of the development boom in the Ortigas Business District (OBD), the company was an industry pioneer that set the standards high-end developers have come to adopt today.

In the late 80s, the company was the first developer to combine the conept of horizontal subdivisions and high rise living in the Philippines through its flagship luxury mid-rise project, The Alexandra. This 4.6 hectare prime property within the OBD was the country’s first vertical gated community, and continues to be a coveted address in the district today.

“Home replacement” a concept that allows homeowners an uncompromised “house experience” in a vertical community – through large cuts, bi-level apartments and direct elevator access – was also an innovation that the company introduced to the market. The La Isla condominium, named for its 360 views, never to be impeded by a neighboring building, was the epitome of high-end living: 27 luxury apartments at 270 sqm to 580 sqm each. Two units per floor, with elevators that open directly to the unit owner’s own foyer. Solid narra floors, marble baths, two to four parking spaces per unit, and extra storage space in the basement. To this day, La Isla is still one of the most exclusive residential developments in the metropolis, with its units still in great demand two decades after its completion.

Today, PhilRealty is back in the market to create new firsts in the industry starting with One Balete, a 2-hectare compound in New Manila poised to re-invent and bring the concept of the “family compound” into the 21st century.

The Master Planner

CPG Corporation is the corporatised entity of the former Singapore Public Works Department. It is one of the leading development professionals in the Asia-Pacific region providing a full spectrum of building and infrastructure development and management services which comprise master planning and urban design, green design, architectural and engineering design and consultancy, landscape urbanism, project management, construction management to facilities management services.

CPG’s experience in urban vertical development has made it PhilRealty’s choice as planner. Singapore is the forerunner in urban renewal and green architecture. The Asian sensibility is also key in the planning in PhilRealty’s projects. Most important is the concept is multi- generation living, hence designing apartments while considering the needs of the extended Filipino family . CPG’s high rise development, like the Marina Bay Gardens, a new land mark in the Garden City, inspires our new mixed use project.

Headquartered in Singapore, CPG Cor . today has overseas offices in China, India, Vietnam, Macau, the Philippines and Dubai. Its project portfolio spans over 25 countries, including China, India, the ASEAN nations, the Middle East and the Pacific nations.

CPG Corp has received numerous Singapore and international awards for its works.